Choosing a Lover

Choosing between two lovers is not easy but you must choose. The consequences of not doing so can be dire as I discovered when I did the research for my novel “Sleeping With A Wall Street Banker”.


I recently began thinking about something sort of troubling. I’ve always been of the opinion (by always I mean in the last year or so) that things do tend to work out as they’re meant to, but I couldn’t imagine being in the type of situation where you’re faced with having to choose between two lovers.

Perhaps they both possess amazing qualities that you could easily see yourself spending your life with, but there’s still two of them.

It makes me wonder if there’s an intuition with that, or where the line would be between that and your mind trying to use other factors to reason it.

I hope I’m never in that situation, and it’d definitely be only a one-time thing I’m thinking. I suppose there could be a lesson in decision making and long-term foresight for the person making the decision. Hmm.

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