In a recent discussion I debated whether forgiving means forgetting.  I believe that to forgive does not mean you have forgotten the act.  The opposing argument was that you have not forgiven if you have not forgotten the act.

The debate was sparked by the statement:

“It has been said, ‘time heals all wounds.’ I do not agree. The wounds remain.  In time, the mind, protecting its sanity, covers them with scar tissue and the pain lessens. But it is never gone”

Rose Kennedy.


7 thoughts on “Forgiving

  1. I could not agree more with the statement above. “Rose Kennedy”. Depending on how badly a person hurts you, its not always possible to get over the pain if at all.

    • Is forgiveness possible? Yes, but lingering hurts or “wound” get in the way of forgiving. In my novel “Sleeping With A Wall Street Banker” Alice has to confront why she forgives Jake, when maybe the average person would not forgive.

  2. Hi Marlene,
    I would be interested in finding out more information about you book, Sleeping With A Wall Street Banker. Is this your first book or do you have other material out on the shelves?

  3. Sleeping With A Wall Street Banker will make interesting reading. Genuine forgiveness is both a psychological capacity and an interpersonal talent. Can you share more about the book and /or what inspired you to write the book?


    • What inspired me to write this book?

      I spent several months over a two year period in the United States whilst studying to take the New York Bar exam. My interaction with new friends, strangers and observing how these people managed the complex social issues they faced in their day to day life inspired me to write this book.

    • Sleeping with a wall street Banker is the first book that I have written

      About the Book
      Lawyer Alice Francis leaves her life in London for a new start with Wall Street banker Jake Logan in New York. She quickly learns that this is a man consumed by his need to control; he loves but on his terms. When Jake’s ex-girlfriend, Jessica, finds out about Jake’s relationship with Alice, Alice’s life takes a dark turn. For all the trappings of success from a Wall Street career, Jake is a man tormented by the irrational guilt he carries from his past relationship with Jessica. Jessica is unmarried and childless with a biological clock that has all but stopped ticking, and Jake is her back-up plan. Her ultimate goal is to fix Jake’s life by interfering, setting him up, and blackmailing him in an effort to force him into a horrible relationship that was never meant to be. With Alice in the picture, Jessica’s goal is almost certainly a recipe for disaster and a fate equal to death itself. When the plan begins to fail, a mentally unbalanced Jessica resorts to destruction.

      Steve sat down beside Jessica. When she was not being mean, she was an attractive woman. He flirted with her. Her confidence returned. Jessica’s alter ego, Jess, did not like him. She observed Jessica. She thought Jessica would have sex with any man who was willing. The next day, she would be talking about Mr. and Mrs. Jessica. It was making her feel sick, and she did not want to sleep with Steve. Surely he would not, Jess thought. It would be ethically wrong. Still, Jessica was not his patient yet. Jess prepared to intervene.
      Steve explained hypnosis to Jessica as a successful form of treatment. He said it was sometimes used to help increase the information the person with Dissociative Identity Disorder had about his or her symptoms of identity states. “With this information, Jessica, you can increase the control you have over those states when they change from one personality state to another.”
      Anger raged in Jess. He wants to teach Jessica how to control me. There is no fucking way he is treating Jessica.
      Steve sensed Jessica’s demeanor had changed and wondered if Jess was present. He continued, “It would enhance your communications with Jess.”
      Jess sat placid, paying attention to Steve and nodding about the hypnosis. Anger consumed her. How dare he try to control me? Why me and not Jessica? She is the one who is crazy because she cannot have babies.
      Steve thought he was getting through to Jessica when she offered him a drink. He accepted a Coke Zero.
      When Jess walked back into the room, Steve had his back to her. She walked over to the sofa. Steve turned in time to see the iron in Jess’s hand.

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